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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tribute and gratitude to Steve Gilliard

In all the immigration hubbub, I have neglected to say a few words on Steve Gilliard's untimely passing. He ran and edited the influential and punchy The News Blog and fearlessly called it like he saw it.

I never met him, but I was tremendously touched by his words and his wisdom. A frequent lurker, I rarely contributed my own two cents to the community, but I checked his site many times a day. It is unfortunate that this is the occasion that I say it, but he helped me shape my own voice and informed my views. With scythe-like analysis and a sense of humor, The News Blog was a home away from online home. And I appreciated his perspective from the working class, and as a blogger of color - one of the few prominent bloggers of color at that.

But all good things have to pass, and so I say good night to you, and to the News Blog. Just because a site goes dark doesn't mean you won't be remembered.

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