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Friday, October 27, 2006

"Macaca" Allen is a fraudulent bully

With the new allegations that George Felix Allen spat on his first wife, teacherken at dailykos absolutely NAILS the problem with Allen -it's a question of character. Just when you thought that Allen's morality couldn't get any scummier, you find out tidbits like this that make you wonder how exactly he's managed to get elected to any office in Virginia, much less statewide positions like Governor and Senator.

teacherken also makes the apt point that while some may see this as excessively probing into Allen's personal life, Allen's lack of morals extends into his public persona as well, since he has no problem shamelessly stealing a whole bill from Dick Durbin and introducing it in front of the Senate and C-SPAN as his. Yes, Allen isn't a boy scout, and I applaud teacherken's introduction of this meme (read the whole thing.)

Actually, a new Allen meme occured to me just now: Allen is just a fraud and a copycat.

Let's hear it again, this time louder: Allen = fraudulent bully

What compels me to this conclusion? Even in his high school days in California when everyone was trying to figure out who they are, Allen had to take it further by wearing Confederate flag pins. Instead of figuring out who he was, he felt the need to copy "Southern" culture and claim it as his own. And he didn't drop what he refers to as his "rebellious" attitude, because he continues it right up through today with his cowboy boots at debates and his closeknit relationship with KKK type white supremicist groups. Well, hey diddle diddle, whoddathunk the cat's fiddle turned out not only to be a fake Stradivarius, but a plastic toy? Allen is about as much of a redneck as me, and I was actually born in the South, unlike Mr. SoCal here.

Yeps, it turns out that Allen is Jewish. Bugger that for a lark - the pandering "Dixie"-lip-synching fake cowboy turns out to be a member of a minority community, and it gets discovered just weeks after Allen insults an Indian American college student as a "macaca" or monkey, in front of an all white group. In between his longtime fakery of a Southern Bubba and stealing legislation, leaving a severed animal's head in an African American family's mailbox, spitting on his wife, and denigrating the Jewish community that he can't believe he's a part of, he's just like Eric Cartman. Allen and Bush are the two playground bullies who no one ever liked, and they'd steal your lunch money to take their friends Big Oil and Big Pharma to go drinking and rob some more kids. Then when you expose them for what they are, they start throwing temper tantrums and crying, "that's not fair!" And everyone, including their supposed friends, backs far far away from them, leaving 2 losers in an empty lot. And with no one else to bully, they turn on each other.


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