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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nevada in play for 2008 and Asian American swing voters

DNC primary calendar changes to iniclude Nevada recognize the large Asian American population there and our presence as a swing vote:
“Nevada had all those magic things in terms of being a Western state, having a large Hispanic population, a large Asian population and a labor population,” said Stacie Paxton, a Democratic National Committee spokeswoman. “We will work with officials from the state party to make sure they are ready to have a successful caucus.”
Still bummed that the Dems couldn't get it together to hold the convention in the Twin Cities and that they ceded that prime real estate (swing state votes and media attention and very politically active Asian American voters) to the RNC which beat them to the draw in picking Minnesota for their 08 convention. But at least we get a caucus.

Hey, last time around, the margin of victory was something like 20,000 votes and there are over 30,000 Asian American voters in the state. We could be the swing vote that picks the next Democratic candidate that either makes or breaks us in 2008. Dig it.


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