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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Asian American media wrap up

So everything in the political blogosphere is Foleygate, which I'm pretty much done discussing because it's really disturbing. Of course this means that my favorite topic of discussion, George Allen, has taken a backseat. Finally Allen gets some relief from the tidal wave of negative stories as the national media's Eye has turned its spotlight on the hapless Foley.

Archpundit's got the goods. Too funny! I always thought Hastert reminded me of someone.

Also, UN Ambassador John Bolton and his moustache? So over.

Just like Denny Hastert's career.


Just want to plug photographer Nikki Lee, who could be described as an Asian American Cindy Sherman.

So let's look at what this media cycle has been saying about Asian Americans:

-Asian American youth are the most civically engaged (per a Pew study.) No surprise to me that our youth do the nost volunteering.

-Muslims, Arabs say anti-workplace bias on the rise (LATimes)
In a case filed recently by EEOC attorney Park, seven Yemeni sailors working for Norwegian Cruise Line were fired in rapid succession "because they looked Muslim," Park said.
I guess their staff has to, well, look more Norwegian. Seriously, though, this is crazy.

-Outside of Boston, a Chinese American organization gets flack for flying a Chinese flag alongside an American one, prompting remarks like this:
"If you want to live in America, don’t be a hyphenated American,’’ said Ward 6 Councilor Brian McNamee. ‘‘Don’t keep one foot planted in your country of birth and another in this country. Put both feet firmly in America.


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