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Monday, October 02, 2006

George Allen in Trouble

Still, the unrelenting news cycle is steamrolling over Allen's chances to get reelected to his Senate seat, forget his presidential ambitions. When I just googled "George Allen" in google news, the top three links were:

Gaffes put presidential hopeful Allen in trouble - Reuters (national wire)
Allen tries to change topic with different ad - WSLS TV (local)
Allen, Wilson give Foley contributions to charity - WDBJ7 TV (local)

Not such a rosy picture if your top results are a national wire service talking about macaca (yes, even 2 months later), and local TV stations are all about how you are desperately trying to change the topic off of race, and about how you took campaign contributions from a Congressional pedophile, and now are giving the money to charity. (HINT: The brownie points from a "kind act" of giving money to charity totally gets blown away by the fact that you took dirty money. From a pedophile nonetheless.) If anything, the best way to manage that story is to not continually discuss it. Just give the money and move on with it.

You know what else the "macaca moment" and Foleygate have in common? The sheer ludicrous nature of their hypocrisy - Allen hanging out with white power folks and then being reluctantly outed as Jewish, and pedophilie Foley being the Chair of the Committee on Missing and Exploited Children. It's the irony that makes these stories stick in the public's minds.


  • At 6:32 AM, Blogger Patriot Fan said…

    At least george allen didn't write about kids having sex in a book. Webb is a perv....he and foley are probably orgy buddies.


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