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Monday, October 02, 2006

Macacagate meets Foleygate

Disgraced Rep. Mark Foley (R)epulsive-Florida who resigned over pedophilic emails and IMs to young Congressional pages as young as 16 (he tried to solicit meetings with them!) raised money for Senator George Felix Allen (R)acist-Virginia, he of "welcome to the real Virginia, welcome to America, macaca." And the photo to prove it comes via Wonkette.

Additionally, remember how I told you Virginians were going to get sick of being tarnished by Allen's constant inability to keep his mouth shut on race and ethnicity? Now the WashPost has an article out about exactly that:

Senate Race Already Has One Loser: Va.'s Image

None of it is a laughing matter for the participants, who are struggling to talk about issues amid the accusations and jokes. But the hoopla is also tarnishing Virginia's image as the commonwealth prepares to celebrate its 400th birthday next year.
Parodied on national shows like Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno's Tonight Show, and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, not only has Allen's remarks damaged the pride of Virginians, it can be bad for attracting investors to Virginia's booming tech valley. Poor Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine has to try to keep his chin up about the whole thing and work hard to attract jobs to Virginia, despite all the ruckus Allen is stirring up:
That kind of attention can be tough for Virginia, which is constantly trying to attract international investment. In fact, Virginia has been working -- with some success -- to attract Indian companies to rural southern Virginia, where jobs are scarce.
George Felix Allen - bad for Virginia's pride and economy. (Now that's a tagline to stick on an attack ad.)


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