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Monday, September 25, 2006

Iowa hypothetical says McCain and Guiliani beat Dem contenders

I sure as hell hope this Iowa poll isn't accurate, because it says that either McCain or Guiliani would beat any one of the following Dem presidential contenders: John Edwards (ex-Sen. of North Carolina), John Kerry (Sen. from Mass.), Tom Vilsack (Gov. of Iowa) and Hillary Clinton (Sen. from NY.)

John Edwards is the only one who comes close to McCain or Guiliani, and Edwards and Kerry both defeat Sen. Bill "Cat-killer" Frist (R-Tennessee) and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Clinton does not defeat any of the Republicans.

This poll is pretty bad news for Gov. Vilsack, since he doesn't seem to be able to carry his own state (a fate shared by presidential aspirant Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who couldn't deliver his state for Kerry in 2004.) It is also pretty crappy for Hillary, given Iowa's first in the nation status that has remained unchanged even in the new DNC calendar.

Given that Iowa seems to have taken a rightward tilt, why do we let it preserve this status? Or maybe it's the bellweather that we don't want to acknowledge.


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