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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm a person not a megaphone, or how not to do political PR

Looking at the comments for my blog, some guy is using the space to flog a trivial campaign for Senate. I am not going to give this matter more attention, except to say that if you work for a candidate who is Asian American or who prioritizes Asian American issues, please send a press release to ME, at my email. I welcome finding out about new APIA candidates and their positions and backgrounds. If I see something of interest to me, or that I think might interest my readers, I might post on it, if I have the time. If I find a candidate who really speaks to me, who holds progressive values, then I write about them. But I won't brainlessly post PR drivel (unless it is hopelessly misspelled and therefore funny.) And in that instance, I won't say anything nice.

Also, I am a progressive Democrat. So if you are a Republican looking for some coverage, this probably ain't the place. Unless you are running in Louisiana and APIA. Or some unlikely place like Utah. And if you don't know what APIA means, please don't even email me.

So here's a tip: don't burden the readers with press releases, and don't spam-comment. It is really annoying to me, and I will reinstate moderated comments if need be. But I would rather not, since I would like to get some dialogue going.


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