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Monday, September 11, 2006

Perchance to dream

How do we enable dreaming? When I was younger and had less troubled sleep, I would frequently remember my dreams whether I was an ant circling a mountain, or back in some wretched slasher version of high school that had ghouls coming out of lockers, I dreamed. It defined me, or at least a quarter of my breathing life.

Nowadays I find my nighttime landscape barren. Or elusive. Once or twice a month, maybe, I wake unhappily, struggling to grasp onto fanciful wisps o' the id. I can't describe my frustration at the feeling of surfacing, nor my longinig to submerge my mind and memories in the murky waters where minor gods and demons dwell. If only it were as easy as casting pennies into a well.

So on these rare occasions I will my psyche downwards and draw it back inside of me in search of the knowledge that I am sure is waiting. Each time the surety of recovery drives me to succumb to the sirens below. Some say it is not possible to fish for mermaids, but my quest only ends when harsh slices of light fall upon my disconsolate face.


  • At 5:09 PM, Blogger annie said…

    hey. i just got out of an honors seminar dealing with the undersides of history, and i was a little freaked out by the possibility of repeat-japanese-wwII-internment with muslim americans right now, and so i typed "internment" in the google search line and found your site. i just wanted to let you know you've got great ideas, you present them well, and i appreciate your dedication to being connected to life outside your body. its nice to know that when you're finally ready to reach out and spend some spare time asking questions you're normally too anxious or busy to ask, someone's already beat you to it and done a lot of the work, so your question-asking experience is immediately gratifying. and i know it isn't that way on your end. so thanks.

  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger powerpolitics said…

    Annie, thanks for your comment. Part of how one gets "immediate" gratification I suppose is by blogging and knowing that my thoughts are being read, if not commented on, by others.

    I hope you are enjoying your history class. My favorite class was always Asian American history - it forced me to open my eyes and consider our community's history as political scrapegoats and scrappy fighters.


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