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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sen. Burns-like-crazy still smarter than Allen

Joining the ranks of the Republican Senate lunatics (sorry, Allen isn't crazy, just racist) is Senator Max Burns, another R(acist) from Montana. First he said that the firefighters were lazy bums, then he told an audience he had a "nice little Guatemalan named Hugo" as a housepainter but he wasn't so sure of his immigration status. Shortly after that snafu was caught on tape, Burns said that the United States is up against a faceless enemy of terrorists who "drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night."

Yeah, that one was captured in all its glory and distributed via youtube as well. Now he goes to a debate in Missoula, Montana, and he has to deal with audience memebers at a high school not only booing him, but shouting defamatory comments like "PSYCHO!" at him when he was just accusing his challenger, Jon Tester, of making illegal phone calls and business trips to Taiwan.

Of course, I'm sorry. Defamatory only applies when it's not true. I meant derogatory. Where are my manners?

So it appears that Allen has a challenger on his hands for the title of "Biggest foot-in-mouth of GOP", except that Felix has come back swinging with an "Ethnic Ralley" and photos to prove that he does care about the macacas. Or at least can stand to be within 5 feet of them. I thought Burns almost had it there, too. Well, here's to you Felix. Only you can make pandering look so difficult.

(Again, I love Wonkette for catching the stupid mistakes that no one else does.)


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