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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Webb ahead of Allen in polls!

It's happened.

Remember how I said that Jim Webb had a good chance of beating George Felix Allen, racist senator from Virginia, because of Allen's offhanded "macaca" remark, how the "macaca moment" was going to change the dynamics of the race? I said that Webb could build upon his upwards momentum, and lead in the polls, and then in the voting booths?

Well, I predicted that Webb would be even or ahead in two months, and he did it less than one. Apparently Allen's dog-whistle ethnic slur disgusted Virginians so much that Webb is already ahead by almost an 8 point spread (50.4 to 42.9), and it's only early September. Plus this is a Wall Street Journal poll, so please don't think it tilts Democratic!

In honor of Webb's amazing ability to gain ground so quickly, I am going to donate to the campaign.

Read the poll and weep, Felix. Your days as a legislation thief are numbered.


  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said…

    Well said!

    What we need is a strong centrist leader who can surmount the (largely artificial) “left-right divide”: Jim Webb is such as man.

    Webb is an authentic Republican centrist, and an ardent America Firster: that’s exactly the kind of leader our nation needs at this juncture.

    And he’s an honest, law-abiding citizen...

    That’s probably the reason why he has no access whatsoever to the corrupt “deep pockets” of Riyadh, Islamabad and Tel-Aviv: Middle-Eastern tyrants be they Wahhabi Jihadists or right-wing Israeli Likudniks generally prefer to throw their dirty cash at pliable puppets such as Bush, Abramoff, Allen & Co!


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