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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Allen antics caught on tape

Via youtube, the DSCC clipped the CSPAN debate over Allen's wholesale copying of Durbin's amendment, and stealing his introduction. Unfortunately it only has a dialogue between Senators Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), Stevens (R-"internets=tubes") and the increasingly red-faced and flustered Allen. I took the time to transcribe their dialogue:

ALLEN: The difference was on blast mitigation, we just incorporated blast mitigation in there. The main point, the the main concern was making sure the professional services were there,
The adequacy of the devices and the adequacy of the health care professionals, I think was actually fairly identical. . . It strikes me we're going down the same path here.

STEVENS: Let me ask you a question. I believe the main difference was the senator from Virginia said "may" and the senator from Illinois said "shall" in terms of the $19 million. You used the Senator from Illinois' term "shall."

ALLEN: That's modified, thank you, I didn't consider that a major difference. The point is that it's 19 million dollars, and it shall be appropriated, uh, for this function.

KENNEDY: So you've accepted what was in the Durbin amendment, and that is that it shall be spent.

(ALLEN blathers. . .)

KENNEDY: I think that because I was a cosponsor, I didn't pay close attention to the presentation, but I was a cosponsor of Senator Durbin's amendment, which as I understand was printed. And listening to the senator from Virginia, it appeared it was virtually identical to what the senator from Illinois had proposed. And I'm just glad that we'll have an opportunity to take action on it.

IMHO, Kennedy is too polite to Allen - he should have driven the point home harder that Allen stole the whole defense appropriations amendment. But it's funny to watch Allen bumble around. For people who have never sat in or watched legislating sessions or subcommittee hearings, our electeds sure say a lot of stupid stuff that never makes it on camera. Which is a shame, because if it did and their constituents knew, the voters would fire their asses pronto.

Did I mention I love the democracy of youtube? Get used to stuttering and fumbling, Felix, the cameras are following you. Everywhere.


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