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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DNC outta NYC, or Minnesota rules!

Two quickie posts, both political. Blame Allen for not doing anything grossly retarded for my blogging laziness.

1) DNC Convention should NOT be in NYC. I wholeheartedly agree with Kos on this one. Minor quibble: Minnesota is not a blue state going purple. It's been a purple state for some time, with possibly blue trends for this election cycle.

That said, I support the Twin Cities over Denver - more APIAs in Minnesota, so we would have a bigger presence.

2) Keith Ellison stands to be the first Muslim EVER elected to Congress, and the first African American from Minnesota. Dual first honors duelling for attention. He's been a civil rights, environmental, labor, LGBT, immigrant, you-name-it advocate. He's fought all the good fights, and gone through being bitter and angry to the brighter side, asking, how can I be effective? In short, he's real. A man of the people, a populist who won't undercut immigrants, and nominated by the Minnesota DFL (Democrat-Farmer-Labor) party to boot. He beat out the retiring Congressman's handpicked successor, and has generated comparisons to Paul Wellstone.

Well, I guess these two tidbits are linked by the Minnesota connection. Which just further goes to prove - hold the convention in Minnesota - they believe in a more open politics that promotes the best and most qualified candidates. They believe in breaking down barriers and electinig fighters. They look past race and religion-baiting to elect strong candidates who will serve them honorably.

Damn, I am just so impressed with this man, because as much as I admire Obama, there's a slight movie star, celluloid, unreal quality to him. Like he's a saint walking on earth. Ellison is much more complicated and less poised. He reminds me of some of my friends who outgrew their angry asian man days, but who still keep the flame burning and rely on those memories, that political consciousness, as fuel for the work that they do. It's also why I was attracted to Dean - he was very unscripted, even raw, and his wife Judy had her values in the right place in not wanting her personal life to be invaded. So she came across as slightly awkward in TV interviews, which I found charming. Maybe nowadays we just expect all our candidates and elected officials to be pitch perfect, always on for the media. Although it can be damned funny when they slip (like Burns' statements), I'd rather have someone who is telling me the truth all the time.


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