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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Maryland teacher lashes out at South Asian students

This was so good I decided to forgo an hour of sleep to post on it. Apparently a Montgomery County teacher . Washpost via Newsblog:

Montgomery County police say Carol J. McVey, 49, began screaming at the group of Gaithersburg High School students and one of their teachers for saying "assalamu alaikum" -- a greeting that means peace be with you -- while they rehearsed the speech in a classroom.

"Islam doesn't mean peace, it means killing everyone for peace," she told them, according to a charging document.

The students were working on a speech that they intended to deliver at a memorial service at Kingsview Middle School that day. . .

"Because of you our families died in New York!" she allegedly yelled, threatening to go to the principal's office to ask that Kulsum Malik, the teacher who was with the students, be told to leave, the charging document said.
Luckily the prinicipal kept his/her head and told the police to drag the crazy teacher out. Of course, she had to get in her two cents while being dragged out the door: "On her way out, McVey "yelled at a Hispanic teacher about the inappropriateness of speaking to students in languages other than English," police said."

Fortunately for the kids, this was only a substitute teacher, not one who they had as an educator poisoning their thoughts for years. The sub picked the wrong school district to mess around in - Gaithersburg has a really high Asian American population, with families who moved there for the great public schools. There's bound to be an outcry over this, and rightfully so.


  • At 1:33 AM, Blogger Gar said…


    I hope that racist psycho gets her teaching certificate revoked and is never allowed near students in a classroom ever again...

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Hui Jeong said…

    sadly, i'm not surprised that happened. i hope the school/ principal/ regular teacher followed up with the students about it afterwards.


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