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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I have been making up and trying out new recipes recently, inspired by a friend's "BYOF" (that's bring your own food" party, where everyone brings an ingredient and then we try to make something out of the mishmash that people brought. It's an everything but the kitchen sink attitude that sometimes leads to delicious creations. Sure, it's a risk when you wind up with some weird flavor combinations, but with judicious mixing and a healthy dose of risk, you can win big.

It's sorta like politics. I wonder if our nation wouldn't be better off if electeds weren't so risk-averse that they never tried anything new, never bothered to try new combinations and permutations to see what sticks. What are the rewards for being innovative and daring in public policy? Massachusetts is the firt state in tha nation to try universal health care (yeah, it's not perfect) but we'll see what comes from it. What of other states? Other issues?

Sometimes it seems like the only things that motivate politicians to try new approaches is when they are set to leave, and secure in knowing that they don't have to justify (pander) to the voters in their district.


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