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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tidying up

Ugh, I noticed there was a spam comment, so I had to reinstate word verification. Hopefully the spambots will go away and leave me alone and I can return it to how it used to be.

Thao Worra fleshed out the Quincy story for me, thanks, I was too tired last night to come up with some good ole fashioned outrage and whoopass. Also, it's a pretty crazy thing to say. I can (almost) understand someone saying, "Stop thinking of China. You're on American soil, so fly the goddamn American flag."

What I don't really get is how it's a bad thing to be a hyphenated American - it is generally acknowledged that Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Polish Americans, German Americans helped to build this country. French Americans during the 1800s explored and claimed territory that later became part of the United States. What's wrong with being hyphenated again?

Also, isn't Quincy the town where that Chinese American activist got beat up by the police? Something's not right in the city of Quincy...


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