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Monday, October 09, 2006

Reynolds steps in it, but deep

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of viewing one of the WORST political ads I have ever seen. It wasn't bad like it used lots of stock images or was really boring, it was awful in the way it makes NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Reynolds come off (angry and unhinged.) Plus if people in his district didn't know that he participated in covering up the Foley scandal, this video's vehement denials only serve to intrigue those who didn't know into finding out more in a Nixonian "I am not a crook" fashion. For those who did know, it reinforces the connection between Rep. Reynolds and disgraced former Rep. Foley.

I can't believe the Reynolds campaign paid good money to put this ad on TV, much less having it made in the first place. I spent a good 5 minutes laughing at it, showing it to friends, and then laughing some more. Mind, I'm not laughing at the fact that Foley was harassing underage teen pages, but rather at how Reynolds has chosen to respond to his involvement in this video, which is to say, terribly ineffectively.

Also he lies by saying that he forced Foley to resign. Reynolds actually recruited Foley to run again for office this year, despie Foley thinking that he should step down. So Reynolds not only covered up predatory behavioir, he then encouraged Foley to stay and do more. But I'm touched that Reynolds is "angry and feels personally betrayed" despite covering up for a pedophile.


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