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Thursday, October 26, 2006

All apologies

You might have noticed some slowed down action on Power and Politics recently. It's due to two factors: 1) an increasingly busy schedule where I'm juggling, juggling, and making it work; and 2) blogger being down every single time I feel compelled to blog about something I've read or seen. My schedule right now is one such that I can't just take an hour off here or there to blog, so if I see something, I want to say something (in a bad ripoff of our public transit system warnings.) I don't have the excess memory right now to note where I read the article, and I read so many articles from different papers across the country on a daily basis that I really can't remember where I find interesting tidbits.

So blogger needs to work more consistently for me to post more. Hopefully I'll have some more time over the holiday weekend to post on scary monsters and hobgoblins in the world of politics. I'm off to a strategy meeting to figure out how to slay our local dragon.

Meantime, stay strong out there, and fight the good fight! If I don't see you before All Hallows', remember to engage in some trick or treat voter education and hand out some fliers for your favorite local candidate as you go door to door. Every vote, every action counts.


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