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Monday, October 23, 2006

Grace and luck

It's weird to be on the road again, but with a crew I really trust and like. There's just no substitute. I look at where I was half a year or more ago, miserable and in denial, and I've let all that hurt and anger go. (Mostly.)

I'm in a good place unlike earlier where life and work and love are balanced, and my health is under control. It's funny because sometimes I think it's hard for me to see how my work affects my health since I'm so caught up in what I do. In the past I've ignored my friends' pleas to pay attention to my health over the needs of whomever I'm helping. Now I don't have to make these decisions between my health, happiness, and fulfilling my job requirements.

With a lot of luck, and the support of my friends, I made it out of that hole. Now, by some grace, I am no longer one of the walking wounded. I'm back and I'm stronger than ever.


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