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Saturday, August 04, 2007

GOP Kills Progress in Congress

So the battle between progressives and conservatives to implement change through law goes on, as illustrated by Campaign for America's Future in this nifty youtube video portraying Harry Reid as Harry Potter and Rove as . . . none other than He Who Must Not be Named. From the frame at the end, it would seem to mean that Nancy Pelosi is Hermione and that Dick Durbin is Ron.

Gotta love it!

So what are they talking about? The recent impasse in Congress - Republicans obstructing every bill they touch, and Democrats doggedly trying to undo some of the damage that unfettered Republican control has had.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, said the resistance was emblematic of the Republican strategy to block legislation in order to paint Democrats as incompetent. “They have nothing else to talk about,” Ms. Pelosi said in an interview. “Their party has been hijacked by people who don’t really have an agenda but to stop progress.”

In short, the GOP playbook is as follows:

"The strategy of being obstructionist can work of fail . . . and so far it's working for us. Democrats are the ones taking the blame for not getting anything done." -- Sen. Trent Lott, Roll Call, April 18, 2007.

Well, even if you took these dementors at their word (which you shouldn't) a generic Dem candidate still consistently outpolls a generic Repub in the most competitive districts. And Dems are leading by double digits in home states while incumbent GOPers are LOSING by 5 points in red states. The funny thing is, even with Republicans blocking crucial measures like stem cell research and an Iraq withdrawal, Democrats have passed significant measures including the minimum wage increase for the first time in over a decade and expansion of children's health care coverage (with a 68-31 veto-proof majority nonetheless, since Bushie wasn't interested in saving the lives of sick kids.)

Which is pretty damned impressive, and I hope that the Dems will keep pushing for change since we have a LONG ways to go in fixing all the damage that Bush has done.

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