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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden. Ugh.

Well, AT least Biden is more socially liberal than Chet Edwards. And I always knew he was going to have to pick a senior statesman - either one with executive or foreign policy experience.

I would have preferred Tim Kaine or Mark Warner. But I was impressed with Biden's humility in the Iowa NPR debates. And it is patently obvious that Obama tapped Biden not for his electoral advantage of 3 electoral college votes. And he comes with many advantages, not the least of which is his ability to fundraise from credit card companies (ba da dum.) In all seriousness, Biden has some real advantages apart from his years as a senator - his Catholic roots, and his hard working ethos as a senator. While he might be from a working class family, I'm just not sure that Biden is going to be for working class families.

It's funny because just last night I said well, Obama did vote for the bankruptcy bill. So he's matched with Biden there.

The other thing I have to consider is Biden's relationship with the APA community. What is it? Most people I know are worried because it's been nil.

In a lot of ways, I think that Obama picking Biden is also emblematic of a campaign and candidate that seeks to be post-racial. To overcome the insult of being called "so fresh so clean" to pick a guy who says that "all Indians work at Dunkin Donuts." He will provide a good foil for Obama though, and a good way of painting the campaign as one that seeks to build bridges.

But Biden!!!! The guy can't stay on message. How is he going to operate in a campaign that has been pretty tightly on message?!?! Tim Kaine shot himself in the foot because either he or his people couldn't help but tease the press with their vetting, literally the equivalent of a high school girl going "tee hee, you want me, you really want me!" Which the Obama staff and campaign don't like since they value loyalty and secrecy. Contrast this with Kathleen Sebelius' radio silence on the matter.

Argh, why is it that Biden can't keep his mouth shut at certain times but then when he's being vetted he managed to do a lockdown. Argh.



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