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Monday, January 30, 2006

Year of the Dog

I wanted to write a post on the Lunar New Year and how I'm trying to start anew, but I wake up feeling depressed and sluggish (and hey, I didn't even drink last night!), and my coworkers don't make it any easier to wake up, because I know that all I will hear is a litany of what I'm doing wrong with no appreciation on the side. If I were a waitress, I would at least get tips instead of just criticisms.

Which is not to say that a waiter/waitress' life is easy, since I've been down the food service route and thoroughly hated it. I know my life isn't that bad, but right now I'm miserable, lonely and sleepless with seasonal affective disorder. When will spring come? I keep thinking that one of these days the buds will poke through the frost, that America will wake up from our long national nightmare of these past 5 years and we can all move forward.

In this new year, I will try to be persistent like a dog and dig myself out of this mess.


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