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Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day weekend

Hat's off to a Memorial Day weekend, and let's keep in mind why we honor the day. Remember it's not just this weekend in May but everyday that our fellow country men and women serve and protect us.

(No, I haven't turned into an Army recruiter.)

I'm just excited that if the Senate bill (S. 2611) does pass and we don't get some HR 4437-like "compromise" bill out of conference between the two houses, then at least Filipino veterans who fought alongside US troops during World War II would get to reunite with their families here in the United States. I'm not sure that it's full equity, but it's something. Show Senator Akaka some love for introducing the bill; he's in a competitive reelection cycle. Interestingly enough, he also gets to do the weekly Democratic radio address for Memorial Day weekend. Coincidence? Probably not, as Sen. Akaka served during WWII in the Army Core of Engineers.

Also, this doesn't mean that I'm necessarily in favor of passing the overall bill either. Just trying to find the silver lining.

Speaking of power and politics, I noticed that I've been getting senate.gov and house.gov hits on the site. I guess this can be considered speaking truth to power? Pretty cool for a blog that hasn't even hit its first anniversary. Hell, I haven't even finished the second trimester. I'm off to celebrate my baby by eating some chocolate turtles and sitting by a pool.


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