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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thank You for Smoking

Just wanted to praise this quirky, hilarious film. It provided me with an hour and a half of mirth and was absolutely spot-on in its spoof of DC culture from the lobbyists to Capitol Hill lowlifes and reporters. Plus it has William Macy as an anal, granola senator from Vermont who wears Birkenstocks to work, and Rob Lowe (formerly Sam Seaborn of the West Wing) as the powerful head of a Hollywood casting agency called E.G.O. who wears richly brocaded kimonos and is an Orientalist. (I should point out that Rob Lowe doesn't have a big part and yet, he plays the role to the hilt. Also, it makes fun of his obsession.)

I should point out that most of my friends don't smoke, some are casual smokers, a slim few are smokestacks, and a few absolutely HATE smokers. I watched it with an anti-smoker and a smoke-tolerant friend. I think I laughed the loudest of anyone in the room.

You can see the trailer here and decide if you want to go watch it. Btw, rotten tomatoes and the Onion give it a good rating.


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