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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Allen FINALLY apologizes to Sidarth

Senator George Wallace, er George Allen, finally actually apologizes directly to SR Sidarth for calling him a macaca (monkey; aka a racial slur). This is over two weeks later.

If George Allen and Dick Wadhams had actually had him apologize earlier, this news story would have faded, instead of stretching into 3 weeks, in which Allen's opponent, James Webb, has ballooned in the polls.

Hopefully this is the last nail in the coffin - I'm tired of blogging about soon to be ex-Senator Allen!

PS: But wait, there's more! You, too, can have the opportunity to be George Allen's monkey as the Webb campaign is hiring a new, paid campaign tracker (no doubt a necessity because Allen's consistently saying stupid stuff.

Also, Governor Dean, chairman of the DNC, disses Allen's competence on Hardball:

"I served with George Allen when he was Governor. I don't think he belongs in public service. There are Republicans who are capable and smart, thoughtful people, and he's not one of them. "


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