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Monday, August 21, 2006

More Allen Antics (TM)

Wow, Senator George Allen (R - VA) sure keeps me busy blogging. I had seen this video on youtube on Friday, but couldn't pinpoint which Confederate soldier was him, singing along at a Confederate dressup:

"Hurrah for Southern Rights, hurrah. . . now when Northern treachery attempts our Southern rights to mar, we hoist the bonny blue flag with a single blue star. . . like patriots of old we'll fight, our heritage to save"

All of this is code for "Let's fight to save slavery and preserve white supremacy" but set to jaunty music. (I had to listen to the whole thing 3 times just to get those few lyrics, someone owes me a visit to a super-industrial shower cos I feel dirty, and not like Christina Aguillera.)

So which one was Allen? Was it possibly the dreamy one with the nice sideburns? Or the one with the extra shiny buttons ('cos a soldier's appearance is tantamount to success, don't you know?) Perhaps the one with the natty white beard? Wonkette makes it easy for you (and me).

UPDATE: George Allen's once large lead evaporates according to the newest poll out: Allen 48- Webb 45


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