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Monday, December 11, 2006

Presidential sweeps

In the who cares category, Dennis Kucinich has thrown his hat in the ring. I respect the man for wantinig to joint to advance the anti-Iraq war argument, and to push the conversation further to the left, but he knows that he won't win the race.

This follows former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack's announcement last month, and the obligatory press coverage.

Someone wake me up when we have an exciting candidate a la Dean. (I wish Feingold hadn't quit before he started, although I am sure he made the decision after lengthy internal consultation and deliberation.)

On the Republican side, soon to be ex-Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney's not-so-old defense of gay marriage in his adopted state may come back to bite him hard with the religious right, which is desperately seeking someone not named John McCain. Or is flirting with him while pretending to stay chaste. Or something like that.

Like TV sweeps, more news on these and other presidential developments in January (i.e., Obama makes his decision, which sets the playing field.)


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