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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Asian American Director of Justice Dept's Civil Rights Division Resigns

Wan J. Kim, who was an Assistant Attorney General and the head of the DoJ's civil Rights Division, which became a mockery of itself under Bush, is resigning. Although Democrats have criticized the Justice Department under Gonzales, they have not specifically bashed Kim, who took over as head in 2005. His predecessor, however, was part and parcel of the "ideologues only" club:

His departure was announced on the same day that department officials confirmed that a senior official who preceded Mr. Kim in running the civil rights division, Bradley J. Schlozman, had also resigned.

In Senate testimony two months ago, Mr. Schlozman, who was interim director of the division in 1993, acknowledged that he had actively recruited conservative Republican applicants to work in the division and that he had rewritten the performance evaluations of career lawyers who were not considered loyal to the Bush administration.

Lovely. In an administration known for figuratively tarring and feathering civil servants who didn't fit their cookie cutter mold of politics, there's apparently no leadership at the top (since Wan's departure means that the top 3 posts are unfilled.) However, I can't decide whether that's a good or bad thing. Does this mean that there's less doublespeak and doublethink going on now at DoJ? Less "voter fraud" investigation?



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