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Monday, August 20, 2007

Kenneth Eng is CRAZY: "The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn't afford a gun."

Yeah, I think you're crazy, that's for sure.

Now he's being investigated by the FBI for hate crimes and he has a $500,000 bail: Kenneth Eng Threatened a 'White Pussy' With Violence

Basically, Kenneth threatened his NYU classmate, and kept harassing him. Eng also swung a hammer at his neighbor:
on April 30, Eng had allegedly threatened to kill neighbor Marissa Addison and her mother in front of their Fresh Meadows home. According to police, Eng told her, "If your dog bites me I will kill you and your family," and then swung a hammer at one of Addison's two dogs and at her mother, missing her by inches.
Eng says that he believes Seung Cho was influenced by him:
"It's speculative but I think that there is a good chance that Cho may have read my work," says Eng. "I might have had something to do with [the VT shootings] because it's kind of conspicuous that [Cho] would shoot all these people so shortly after AsianWeek published all my articles."

. . . In a 2003 memo Eng provided between two Tisch School of the Arts deans, one official wrote: "It is my belief that Kenneth poses a real threat to the Tisch community and has the capacity to harm or kill someone . . . I would like to offer Kenneth the opportunity, in lieu of a disciplinary hearing, to withdraw from NYU with a refund for the semester."

Eng says NYU officials were correct to be concerned about him. "Frankly, I was planning on going to NYU and going on a rampage," he says. "The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn't afford a gun."

Self-aggrandizing and violent, a winning combination. He's proud of his racist Asianweek articles, he's openly hostile to classmates and his neighbors, Eng is a menace to society. The guy seems like a ticking time bomb - as soon as he gets enough money together, he's likely to carry out some crazy violent fantasy. The sooner he gets professional treatment, and perhaps some time in a remote, secluded psychiatric facility, the better.



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