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Friday, March 21, 2008

Civil war at Fox News over race, hell froze over

Wonkette has the goods on civil war at Fox News over different interpretations of Obama's comments on his grandmother being a "typical white person" on a Philly sports show, and his speech in general.

Chris Wallace of FOX is defending Obama on his own show, and a Fox in the Morning anchor storms out over boneheaded arguments from his co-anchors.

I mean, what has the world come to when people try to have a normal and reasonable discussion about RACE on Fox?!? A debate that isn't just "pander and inflame"? I know we talk about the GOP driving a wedge, but I think it's possible that Obama is weding the traditionally Republican base. And this, my friends, this is amazing. Remember what I said about Obama taking progressive stances and making them so resaonable that most people could agree?

Well, it's happening to even conservatives. I have NEVER seen a Democrat able to wedge the GOP like he does, only the opposite (i.e., Reagan.)

Obama is the exceedingly rare politician who can do this, who can make people hope again, who can get things that never get talked about like race, back on the table. Our country is having an entire discourse on race and it's done much more for our nation's discourse than Bill Clinton's roundtable. Because EVERYBODY's talking about race around the watercooler and the dinner table. I am in awe of his political skills.

And this is totally separate from his ability as a politician. Because Obama didn't shy away from talking about the issue, he elevates our political discourse. When Romney talked about religion, the average person didn't care. Because he didn't really make us question our assumptions and re-examine our values. This speech - we are all reconsidering our impulses.

And if Obama can do that on race, he can do that on other issues, like immigration. Like war. By gods, can you imagine what this country would have been like if we fully weighed the implications of going to war with Iraq? If newcasters actually debated the merits and consequences?!?!?!? Instead of just being scribes, paid to write and read whatever the administration put out (to paraphrase the immortal Colbert.)

To be fair, not everyone who works for Fox is crazy conservative. I've known a few people who were producers and anchors, and they were normal, even *gasp* Democrats. Granted, these were people of color who said that working at Fox is a crazyhouse, and that they had to leave for their own sanity.

To be more in depth, I did my research, and Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat in D.C., which he says is because there is really only one party in DC and in order to have a voice on local elections, you have to be able to vote in the primary. Fair enough.



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