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Thursday, October 02, 2008

2012: Huckabee's at the head of the class

Marc Ambinder has some good points on why Huckabee looks like the clear leader in the GOP race for 2012:

-least ties to the Republican establishment which has been weighing people down like an Albatross
-socially liberal (seeming) and very tv-friendly: "Huckabee seems most like the friendly, forward-looking face of conservatism"

"Now -- Huckabee's biggest challenge comes not from Gov. Romney at the outset. His populist economic policies will be challenged by the Pence/Shadegg axis of the party, although I wouldn't be surprised if the two reconcile, and Huckabee moves to the center-right on government"

Other challenges include fundraising (which can be overcome) and Newt Gingrinch sniffing the air.


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