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Thursday, March 16, 2006

quick housekeeping note

My apologies to the people who posted comments back in December. For a long time I was a-wishin' and a-hoping someone would comment. I even wondered why no one did comment. Today I realized I set up my options so that I had to moderate all comments, which is why only now do your comments show up. The people who did comment probably wondered why I didn't write back. Now you know: I'm a bloggin' fool!

I'm newer to blogging, please forgive me. [Smiles winsomely for the nonexistent cameras.]

Actually, if someone from APIABlogs could show/tell me in short sentences and enunciate slowly how I can get the APIABlogs graphic to appear I'd be much obliged. I think I followed the directions on the site, but as they say, individual mileage may vary...


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