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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thanksgiving in May

It's about maintaining your center of gravity. Right now that's my friends and family. Often I have not had time for them, but I have time for the oppressed and weary. It was so good to go to a bbq and kick back with loved ones who don't care for politics, who have normal lives that don't involve calculating the political costs of one manuver or another.

When you're on a campaign, you experience a high unlike any other. The combination of stress, booze, long hours, and snap decisions will bring you up to the clouds and then suddenly you find yourself at 1000 feet up without a safety net plnging down towards the ground below . . . and yet you love the drama.

It's hard trying to wean yourself off an addiction, you gotta have a strong support network - a combination of people who understand where you are and have been down that road and of people who don't give a shit about "The Work" and only care about your sanity and health. Seriously, it's a blessing.

This Memorial Day weekend I give thanks to my relatives who came before me and to the people who keep me together today.


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