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Monday, January 08, 2007

Immigrant concentration camps take effect

I thought I wouldn't be posting much but lots of stuff going on including Toys R Us conntroversy, which I think they resolved well after flubbing it - there were three babies born at midnight, and the Chinese American baby won in a drawing, but the company disqualified the mother because she is undocumented, so the prize money went istead to an African American mother in Atlanta. (Wedge much, Toys R Us?) the third baby was Latino. After much protest, the corporation changed its stance (fairly quickly, too, once masasive media started rolling.) Rosie/WalMart: look to them as an example of smart corporate PR crisis management. It almost seems Solomon-like, although instead of splitting the baby in half, they're giving each baby a prize of $25,000.

In other news, the NYTimes published a racially provocative article titled "Little Asia on a Hill" about the Asianification of UC Berkley after the passage of Prop 209. I will have a lengthy piece on this soon.

Found an awesome immigration law prof blog which includes Bill Ong Hing, former EEOC Commissioner under Clinton, as one of the writers!

Why I found it is another, less felicitous matter - I saw the dailykos posting that said that the US had managed to build those concentration camps I had written about earlier, as it could potentially be holding Chinese American immigrants as well. The Austin American-Statesman says:

"The T. Don Hutto Residential Center, a private detention facility in Taylor, is emblematic of new federal policy that detains all unauthorized immigrants from countries other than Mexico while the government determines whether they should be deported.

The Taylor center is used for that purpose, but it and a smaller one in Pennsylvania share a distinction: They are the only two such facilities in the country that hold immigrant families and children on noncriminal charges. "

Kellog Brown & Root was one of the corporate vampires in overbilling charges in Iraq, got a $385 million contract last year to build them, and now is building initernment cmaps for whole immigrant families who are not from Mexico. Here's an update on the project from June 06. It's unclear if the OTM (other than Mexican, as Immigration and Customs Enforcement says) detainees include undocumented Chinese families, but I will do more research.


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