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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bourdain blasts FoodTV

I don't love Anthony Bourdain (too much of an arrogant jerk, especially while eyeing the waitresses in Thailand) but he is dead on in his takedown of FoodTV. I can't stand Rachel Ray. I can't stand that there is now a restaurant in Boston named EVOO, and that people think it's good and chic. Semi-homemade Sandra Lee, Ace of Cakes, pretty much everyone except Alton Brown (who I adore) comes in for a good thrashing, esp. the guy in charge.

Here's a bite: "I’m sure they’re growing future replacement options in petrie dishes somewhere, conducting Top Secret focus groups at suburban malls with their latest Bright Young Hopeful."

Side note, I also enjoy watching Bobby Flay get beat down, but that's also because he's also an arrogant jerk.

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