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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lite Brite aliens attack earth

(This might be the last post for a week or two as I'm getting very busy with a work project. )

Maldroid made this insanely viral video before the mooninite scare in Boston, but coupled with "Moon rulz" this is a damn good video and time appropriate too. (Also, the mooninites are heavily covered on the news site and i can't figure out whether the mooninite campaign is funnier, or the "Ad gone bad" scare visual is. Gotta be the mooninites, hands down. For we ARE the mooninites.) Plus one of the band members, Jerry “Prince J” Yamashita, is Asian American (I think.) And the tune is crazy catchy.

Maldroid - Heck No! (I'll never listen to techno)


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