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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recent news of note wrapup

I don't have much time to do a full-on posting, but I've got a great on in the works which will have to wait until I finish my latest project. Although procrastination may push it out there early.

So onto news of note:

1) Immigrants who were granted green cards through aslyee status may have those revoked by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) if they are found to have been gong home to visit dying relatives, etc. Via Miami Herald.

2) So far the major Democratic presidential candidates who have announced or are "exploring" are (in rough order, going backwards):
Bill Richardson (Gov. of New Mexico)
Hillary Clinton (NY Senator)
Barack Obama (IL Senator)
Chris Dodd (Connecticut Senator)
John Edwards (former NC Senator and 2004 veep candidate)
Dennis Kucinich (Ohio congressman)

Six candidates, six different views on how to shape and change America. Like some cheesy relity tv show line, only one will win! (The presidency of course - since we will have a Democrat elected in the 2008 general election.)

3) On the Republican side, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas announced. He's a movement conservative, highly liked by the religious conservative base. He's one of the top two dark horse candidates to win, in my book (other one is ex-gov. Huckabee of Arkansas who has yet to announce.)

That's all for now. Take care folks, and try not to get sick like me while working on deadline - it truly sucks!


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