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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bush tears apart consumer safety

Well, the old Republican Congress tried their darnedest to pass a bill that would have gutted local food and safety laws that are more stringent than the lax and toothless federal protection.

Consumers Union, the most trusted magazine in product reviews, said: "Food Safety – Although Congress was thwarted in its attempt to enact legislation that would have undermined state and local food safety laws, they failed to strengthen federal regulatory oversight over our food and product safety systems. For instance, they did not move to create a single federal food agency that could act quickly to prevent and deal with e coli outbreaks and the like, leaving instead the patchwork of federal agencies and weak oversight that exists now."

Then in the past 2 months we've had a Spinach recall due to E. coli, we've found Salmonella in peanut butter and cantaloupes. See, I always thought Salmonella was a meat-related bacteria -- how the hell does it get into jars of peanut butter?!?! I can ind of see it on the outside of cantaloupes more, but peanut butter?!? Next thing we know, we'll have salmonella bananas for breakfast.

Check out the latest google news for our buddies sam 'n ella. Not only do we have the delicious PB&Diarrhea combo, we've got some yummy hummus to go with that side of vomit.

Now, Bush's latest cowardly decision as the Decider is to bypass our elected representatives to recess appoint a Republican lobbyist to head up the Consumer Product Safety Commission which is like having the wolf watch the sheep:
"Baroody has served as the chief spokesmen for the National Association of Manufacturers, a group the San Francisco Chronicle described as "an industry group that opposes aggressive product-safety regulation and punitive fines."

I guess there's nothing Bush won't do for his corporate cronies, including getting all of America sick.

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