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Monday, April 16, 2007

Intellectual dishonesty

I had a long discussion with someone that resulted in them claiming that i am intellectually lazy and that I have been intellectually dishonest. I agreed fairly readily with the first assessment but not so much with the second. I am not as rigorous in my thought as I would like sometimes, because I am so busy sometimes I don't have time to process so i take shortcuts, like not sometimes editing (more so recently.)

I think it's definitely true of my blog, which I haven't been giving as much tender nurturing care. I've noticed that recent posting are less about the personal and the political and more just summaries or wrap ups. And I could do it, but I think that would be cheating the purpose of me having a blog, which was to expel my inner frustrations and thoughts, to reconnect to the creative side of me that seemed to take a dive when i signed up to be a door to door seller of social justice. (The intellectual dishonesty of the Cause, Inc. is a topic for another day.) And it would be intellectually dishonest to say that I haven't noticed the declining daily readership, but if I sacrifice quantity and eyeballs for quality, then so be it. when I look back over my 250+ posts over the past year and a half, I would prefer to see some flowers glistening here and there than a steady progression of cowpies.

So unless I am in a super-snarky mood, I resolve to cut down on the posts that are just drive-by postings. And write more thoughtful pieces about politics. because it's easy to just get involved in the horserace and forget the larger picture, which is about the progressive changes that I think we can accomplish under a Democratic administration. Because i think they will restore some normalcy and decency to the office, and they're better on civil rights and liberties and immigration. Because we'll have a stronger America. I don't think it will be a cure-all but it'll make progressive change easier in some ways. In other ways harder because we'll be inclined to give them a pass on issues when we should be holding their feet to the fire.

Perhaps I should have titled this post intellectual honesty. I resolve to be more intellectually honest with myself and my blog.


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