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Friday, April 06, 2007

Prop 209 fallout?

Well, here's more interesting news from the flagship school of the UC system: They sent out more admissions letters this year than last.

Admission to Asian American students remains virtually unchanged, accounting for 4,158 of the freshman class. The number of white students, however, has increased 8 percent since 2006.

The number of underrepresented minority students, including African American, American Indian and Latinos, increased 4 percent for a total of 1,620 students.

So it's interesting to note that it's not necessarily Asian Americans "stealing" spots from underrepresented minorities. In fact, I'm not sure how the number of white students and underrepresented students can increase, and APIA acceptances can increase 1% - what else is left?

UCLA also saw an increase in African American admissions. A rather remarkable one at that - from almost 250 to just under 400.

UC Davis' Asian American admissions dropped:

Students from underrepresented groups -- American Indian, African American and Chicano/Latino -- account for 19.1 percent of California students with freshman admission status who stated their ethnicity. Last year, the figure was 17.3 percent.

The percentage of African Americans rose from 2.8 percent last year to 3.1 percent this year among students who stated their ethnicity. American Indians continue to represent 0.6 percent of admitted students. Chicanos and Latinos account for 15.3 percent this year, compared with 13.8 percent last year.

The percentage of Asian American students declined to 41.3 percent of this year's admitted students who stated their ethnicity, compared with 43 percent last year. Caucasians continued to represent 37.9 percent of admitted students who stated their ethnicity. Those who identified with other ethnic groups account for 1.6 percent of all admitted students stating their ethnicity, compared with 1.8 percent last year.


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