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Thursday, March 29, 2007

MC Rove is painful

Over at politico, Ben said he refused to link to the Karl Rove video. So naturally I jumped over to youtube, and what did I find?


I have never seen a sadder white man dance more pathetically, and yes, this includes the guy in the club last weekend. I am not laughing, I just feel bad for Rove, despite all the misery he has caused. He looks like a stuffed robot, dancing at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association dinner in front of. . . omigod, is that Michelle Malkin?!?

AWB (awkward white boy): "He's a man, he's a treasure trove, tell me what is your name?"
Rove (croaking like a mummy): I'm MC Rooooove.
AWB: "That's right, you can't be beat, because he's so white from his head to his feet. But he will rap it when you give him a chance. Look at him move, doing a rappin' dance."

AWB can't even help himself from laughing at Rove's sockpuppetry. He looks and moves like a little doll on a string. And the have a token black man weaving from side to side with Rove.

Folks, I would do my usual transcription duties, but this stuff is too hard on the ears and eyes. If I listen to this one more time, I'll have to scrub my eyes with brillo pads and fill my ears with cement.

The level of surreal has gone through the roof. Plus the very awkward white guy rapping does a terrible job.

Is this what has got Lurita Doan so totally paranoid? A dancing bobblehead?

Forget the wiretapping and the voter purges, the treason charges, and everything else that hasn't been uncovered. This shit's truly criminal.

Ick, here's a longer version from FOX News hosted on wonkette.

Full version below.


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