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Monday, March 12, 2007

Asian American slam poetry on youtube

Alvin Lau on his favorite golfer, Tiger Woods: "Tiger, You could have been a messenger, a Boondocks saint, a legend beyond the game whose clubhouses still reek the spirit of white colonial expansion, and the taming of the wilderness in the name of Western civilization. You could have been a hero to minorities everywhere. . .

Eldridge Woods, has ironically called you "Tiger", as if you have ambitions greater than putting greens. Like you're more than a slippery tongued Midas that turns all skin colors to gold ... And still think that money is the clockwork that runs modern living. You make me proud I was raised by struggling Chinese immigrants..."

More props. You make me proud. "First and last, a sheep in tigerskin" - way to call a brother out for not representing. Lau's "English" on his myspace page is also riveting.

Can I get some more Asian American slam poets on youtube?


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