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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kenneth Eng on Fox *wince*

This is not pretty, but it's necessary. Kenneth Eng appears on Big Story Exclusive on Fox. He tries to plug his book, and much as I feared, is either quite high or really not living in the same world as you and I. This is not in the William Hung "I believe I can sing and that I elevate Asian American music" way but in the scary warped raised-in-a-closet way.

I winced. A lot. The FOX guy sounded really sane in comparison. Painfully so. Grey haired FOX guy says that Eng "wrote in the column why you hate Black people, and in an earlier column you wrote "Why you Hate White people", and in an earlier column, apparently, you hate Asians. Now, why is it you wrote all that? Do you really hate all those different people?"

Eng clarifies that he hate black people and white people, but the Asian article was sarcastic. Tries to relate it back to his novel. [Ed: I suppose Eng was going to get to the "Why I hate Hispanics" and "Why I Hate Native Americans" but he got fired before he could continue his misanthropic musings.]

Eng is referred to as a "self-identified Asian supremicist" and blathers on about dragons and how they logically follow evolution, and how in this more logical universe, dragons are superior to humans. [At this point, the screenclip below says: "Columnist: White people deserve to be decapitated."] Talks about hating blacks and whites and being oppressed. "You probably want to know why I call myself 'God of the Universe' as well."

FOX: "No, I want to know why you hate whites."

Eng: "...Either worship me or worship God."

When asked why he's so angry, Eng responds by saying if you read his columns, it's his experiences at NYU where blacks and whites oppressed him.

Kristina Wong's response is frickin' hilarious/meta/surreal (I have never seen her stuff before, just heard about it.) "I believe, just as you that things like racism are justified by the power of the dragon. . . that you and I, XL 4000 will take over the universe, Gods of the universe, in which dragons justify racism. Please join me on a journey of justified racism. Let's jump on the back of a dragon. The spaceship awaits. The spaceship awaits. Come with me, Kenneth Eng, the spaceship awaits."

Indeed, I am embarrassed for Asian America, myself, Eng, his family (the loss of face!), FOX, the interviewer. The whole thing is cringe-inducing and uncomfortable and well, watch for yourself. FOX's shock text serves to further sensationalize the whole crazy piece.


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