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Monday, March 05, 2007

Panderific and then some

This is probably the most grating thing I have heard in 3 years: Kentucky Fried Hillary. And one of the more eye-catching commercials by an Obama supporter: Vote Different. If anyone said that 2006 was the year of the youtube election, well, it shows no sign of stopping. Indeed, 2008 will be the youtuve/revver/ifilm/myspace/facebook election if anything, and ads will get seriously inventive like the best SuperBowl ads back in the day.

Indeed, H Clinton puts on a Southern accent as awkwardly as I don a football helmet. Why, Lord, why are my eardrums bleeding? They should really put warning labels on these things.

Although to be fair, here is Guiliani in drag seeking the bicoastal Republican vote.

And Bill Richardson glad-handing the stone bulldog vote.

In Asian American news:
Racial Pro-file
has a funny take on how the whitewashed version of Internal Affairs won the Oscars.

The Kenneth Eng controversy has mad its way into mainstream press like Newsweek.

Vietnamese Americans are rising quickly in electoral politics, most noticeably in San Jose. There are two Vietnamese Americans running in an open city council seat to join Madison Nguyen who was the trailblazer.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick recognizes the importance of the Asian American vote and helps to cement the status of a statewide Asian American commission:

State Treasurer Timothy Cahill and Deputy Treasurer/General Counsel Grace Lee spearheaded the legislation that created in the commission. According to a press release from Cahill’s office, the commission is a permanent body that will advocate on behalf of Asian-Americans throughout the commonwealth. Lee will serve as the commission’s interim executive director. She is the highest-ranking appointed Asian-American in Massachusetts government.

Props to Patrick, but again, where is Spitzer on any of this?


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