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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lord of the Chings

Dialectic over at the Fighting 44s has this hilarious parody of Lord of the Rings: Lord of the Chings. for those of us who grew up on Tolkein, the stereotypes are apt and funny:

In discussing the superiority of the Elves, our attention is also naturally drawn to the Numenorian Men, or the Japanese. They are both hyper-advanced, inventive, and live on an island of miracles and wonders.

...A brief note on the
gods, or white people. They broke up continents physically in Middle-Earth; they did it politically all over Asia. It is said that the universe began when the gods started to sing. They sang in harmony for some time, and while the content of the song is never specified in The Silmarillion, it probably involved prancing around barefoot outdoors, wearing shoes indoors, and committing mass slavery, genocide, and/ or drug trafficking on five continents (plus one Indian sub-continent).

Bwahahaha~ enjoy the weekend, folks.