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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Graffiti 2.0

I am so in love with light-painting/ graffiti for the new age. The first time I saw light applied to the sides of a building was the delicate curlicues that adorned the wedding cake that is Philly's City Hall -- ethereal, but tourism nonetheless.

So when I saw Graffiti Research Lab's beautiful protest art on youtube, I followed them over to their site. It's the progenitor of the mooninite ad hoax that Comedy Central hipped Boston and 9 other cities to. Some people ask why no one in New York freaked out when Boston like the dainty priss it is cried mass hysteria after 2 weeks of no one noticing. GRL's Jesus 2.0 video and the Homeland Security threat tower might help to answer some of your questions. Although the postaLED does look more like a bomb than the mooninites, and I could see people getting panicked about that.

Don't forget to check this awesome public art culturejam in NYC done collaboratively with the Anti-Advertising Agency.

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