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Saturday, March 03, 2007


I just watched the last episode of Daybreak, a series from ABC that isn't being shown on tv but is available in its entirety online (not sure for how much longer.) A few eps were shown during Lost's hiatus, and then it was pulled. It was well written and suspenseful, with the idea that Det. Brett Hopper (Taye Diggs) wakes up every morning in an attempt to get to the bottom of why he's being framed for the murder of a prosecutor, Richard Garza.

The catch? It's the same day, every day, that he wakes up to, so he continually relives it until he gets to the bottom of the complex mystery.

I started watching it because I saw that it had an Asian American female lead who is his girlfried (Moon Bloodgood) and I kept watching because it was tightly woven modern day noir, set in Los Angeles (I'm a big Raymond Carver fan.) The interesting part is that all the white men in power are csat as major villains and there's an Asian American cop, Det. Christopher Choi, who Hopper originally tihnks is against him, but turns out to be very honest and trustworthy. He's played by Ian Anthony Dale, who I hope will get more roles.

Basically, a lot of the honest people in this show are African American, Asian American, and Latino, and women are portrayed really well too. Shame the show is ending, but it had to be a finite plot, since even as I started watching online, I wondered how long viewers would be willing to see the same alarm clock, the same segments repeating. In the first few eps, they could have cut more, but I thought the trope held up well, and they ended it at a good spot. I will say that I looked forward to a new ep every week online, and I was hooked!

Anyways, I just wanted to put in my two cents since most people haven't heard about it or will ever see it, so give it a shot before ABC pulls it from the web. I hope the writers land in good places and that actors involved do as well. (Sorry if this is sorta rambling, I don't write a lot of tv reviews, but I do think about stuff apart from politics, once in a while.)


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