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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Biden picks up the Krispy Kreme vote in S. Carolina

Sen, Joe Biden (MBNA-Delaware) picks up support in South Carolina per Hotline:
"Also, state Sen. Glenn Reese (D-Spartanburg) was a major supporter of Sen. John Edwards in '04. Luckily for Sen. Biden's staff, Reese owns Krispy Kreme franchises here."

The major question of the day is: does this mean that Biden will lose the support of Indian-owned Dunkin Donuts shops? Because that's his base, you know. That and the oh so articulate black community that he'll be trying to court. I wonder if he won any preachers over by exclaiming how fresh and clean they were.

In the Power & Politics primary of likeability, Biden is below Richardson (scrapegoated Wen Ho Lee and failed to apologize), who is somewhere below Kucinich (annoying but progressive). There's a whole other ladder for electability.


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