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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

DC sex scandals hushed up, sorta

Verrrrry interesting. A real Washington DC madam (Washingtonienne doesn't count) was going to sell her phone lists. Many bigwigs and administration officials were panicking. Then an anonymous news organization got a hold of her records, and they are allowed to either release or not release names and places at their leisure.

What this does for Palfrey is that it makes her seem like a team player. She might even get some not so anonymous donations for her effort. And she can still call on certain individuals during her trial.

Pretty smart on the new organization's part. they can discreetly let it be known about town that they are in possession of "the list" and then leverage that information for scoops and inside info on other stories that are sadly less lurid. Plus you can provide coverage for your buddies in Congress. Unlike regular blackmail, you can't go to jail. It's sorta like Mafia protection money, doled out in anonymous sources and off the record conversations.

Let's see which news org starts breaking the big scoops, and then we'll have a winner. (Well, everyone wins except for the people, who stay in the dark.)

Only in DC, folks. Only in DC.


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