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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Check in

Continuous hours without sleep: 43

Thought pattern hazy.

When it pours it rains, so I realize I've been neglecting my blog. Like any living organism, it needs to be watered or it wilts. I'm in a bit of a head funk because I heard that a friend is in a very bad place. I wish I could help her but I'm not in the same state. It's not even contiguous.

So I needed a funny to cheer me up and Zuky's post on the Voice's technical analysis of "This is Why I'm Hot" fulfilled that need perfectly. I love the logical breakdown.

On another note, I was impressed with John and Elizabeth Edwards during their press conference. They came across as very caring, real people who are still deeply in love. And his priorities are clearly in the right place. They're such a strong couple, and my thoughts are with them in this time of need.

Now I have to go to sleep because my brain feels like it's ready to topple over.

Update: Damn, I fell asleep in the middle of posting. Woke with with a dreadful headache like wearing a swimming cap way too tight, like a bad ass hangover without drinking.


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